RANCH (bitchranch)

they/them, or any pronoun is fine
I am a settler based in Nkwejong, on stolen land from the Anishinaabeg people (Ojibwe, Odawa, Pottawatomie). Some folks also know this place as Lansing, Michigan.

I am both a student and a teacher, or rather, a learner and a sharer.
As long as I can remember, I have possessed a deep passion for caring for others. Not out of neglect for myself, but out of solidarity and sharing in empathy with those in pain or afflicted.

Mental health

My focus on mental healthcare started in high school for me as I developed various psychiatric conditions myself. Since then, I have been gathering and archiving as much research as I can to learn how to heal myself, as I believe we are our own best healers. The hope and the practice is to collaborate with others to better understand how to take care of each other in psychological distress and/or crisis.

Substance use / harm reduction

Herbal medicine

I want to be a healer, an advocate, an educator, a comrade, a care-worker.
And why not do that through harnessing the medicinal and magical properties of plants?
To be frank, plants are teachers to me. They possess a wisdom I strive to, but never will, attain.

Mary Siisip Geniusz, Plants Have So Much to Give Us, All We Have to Do is Ask: Anishinaabe Botanical Teachings’ —
“Whenever it is necessary to change the balance as we find it, we have to talk to the individuals involved to get their consent to the change. We have to talk to the rocks if we want to crush them into gravel to make our walkway. We have to ask the earth if we want to place our home in a certain place. We have to talk to the plants if we want to obtain their help in the healing of ourselves or of another being. // In the beginning one might feel silly talking to a plant. But one will soon get used to the idea. It will even get to be fun. Nodjimahkwe said that the trick is just to think about the plants or the individual rocks or the individual animals as the other ‘persons’ that they are. // When one accepts the gift of the plant one is asking that plant to become him or her. Speak to the plant and tell it who needs it. Ask before taking. Promise that the plant’s grandchildren will live after it and that you will protect them in that place.”

I started diving into the world of herbalism or plant medicine in 2015. Out of both desperation and disillusionment with allopathic (western) medicine and treatment, particularly with the awful power dynamics and the bullshit pharmaceutical options.
see: Medical Industrial Complex

Press / Distro

My formal educational background is in graphic design and digital rhetoric. Which speaks more to the “press” aspect of Asylum. To be transparent, I am unsure the distro aspect of this project will turn out. Which is both fun and a lil frightening. But let’s talk if you want to publish a zine or any other kind of DIY print project. And here’s to a future we can’t predict but can sway!

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