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Milky Oats oxymel

nourish the nog*


Milky Oats (avena sativa) is the top of Oat Straw the week before the seed hardens. With vitamin B, calcium, and magnesium, these nutrients nourish the nervous system, particularly after acute or ongoing stress. A calming nervine that isn't sedative, but does promote restful sleep. All in a delicious vinegar and honey combination called an 'oxymel.'


Milky Oat extract (organic), apple cider vinegar (organic), raw honey, fresh ginger extract (local & organic).


Take 1-4 droppers, 2-4x/day.


The only precaution is for people with celiac’s disease or a gluten-intolerance through oat. Safe for children and pregnant people who can consume oat.
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