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Rhodiola Root glycerite

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An internationally, cold-growing botanical. Find Rhodiola rosea in the arctic, high altitude mountain ranges, and sea cliffs. A powerful and potent adaptogen for fighting adrenal fatigue and depression, while boosting clarity. A lot of research around Rhodiola has come from Russian soldiers.


Rhodiola rosea root (organic), glycerin, distilled water.


1-2 dropper-full (1 teaspoon) can be used as a mild, daily dose for energy and stamina. Use as needed up to 4 dropper-full a day, but you will want to build up to that dose for acute situations. Use earlier in the day, as can lead to insomnia if take n too late.


Please consult your doctor and/or your pharmacist for interactions with Rhodiola. Particularly if you are pregnant and/or breastfeeding; have an autoimmune disease, diabetes, or low blood pressure.
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